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    Videos, tests and reviews

    11.10.2021 Delphin TOXIC 2G
    The second generation of high-quality and extravagant spinning rod, which combines all the best features of its predecessor, extravagant design and new advanced technologies.
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    21.9.2021 Delphin RPX Stalk
    The compact version of the successful predecessor of the RPX rodpod with the Stalk label is guaranteed to convince you of its qualities from the first moment!
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    14.9.2021 Delphin CrossTRAQ
    A luxury trolley with which you can transport everything you need for fishing, even to interesting or hard-to-reach places.
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    7.9.2021 Delphin TRAQSTER
    An invaluable and highly compact helper, thanks to which you can transport the necessary amount of fishing equipment even to hard-to-reach places or overgrown sidewalks.
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    31.8.2021 Delphin QUEEN MonoDRAG
    Compact reel for fans of the QUEEN series with which they will definitely get on their own!
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    6.8.2021 Delphin ROTA Chain
    A practical chain shot indicator that perfectly fulfills its function on every trip to the water.
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    30.7.2021 Delphin MonoDrag
    The compact reel with a sensitive front brake will definitely please you with the ideal ratio of pleasant price and performance.
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    21.7.2021 Delphin OCTO
    Ultra light clogs made of EVA foam, completely designed and manufactured in the European Union!
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    6.7.2021 Delphin ATOMA Triple
    Compact feeder stand for rods with three support legs, designed in an impressive burgundy color.
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    29.6.2021 Delphin Code X
    Fast, very light and extremely original spinning rod, which has X predispositions to become a favorite element of your equipment.
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    22.6.2021 Delphin LightBAR
    A highly practical bivvy light, thanks to which the darkness will no longer surprise you. It has two colours, each with several levels of lighting.
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    17.6.2021 Delphin IXCELA
    Unbeatable, detailed reel with a front brake, which will win you over with its first-class qualities!
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    8.6.2021 Delphin WetNET Keep
    Waterproof bag, specially designed for storing and transporting storage nets or landing net heads.
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    25.5.2021 Delphin WetNET Atoma
    Practical feeder bag, designed especially for storing and transporting feeder tunnels or landing net heads.
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    18.5.2021 Delphin CODER
    A set of electronic signaling devices with listening, in which the ideal ratio of favorable price with performance was met.
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    10.5.2021 Delphin FORZA
    Our flagship among sets of electronic signaling devices with receiver, which will serve you reliably in all circumstances!
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    3.5.2021 Delphin CAMPSTA
    A practical tool that will make the annoying folding of the load / feeder after every fishing a thing of the past!
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    29.4.2021 Delphin LeadBARRIER
    A practical tool that will make the annoying folding of the load / feeder after every fishing a thing of the past!
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    22.3.2020 Delphin Catalogue 2020
    Browse the offer of our fishing products for the season of 2020.
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