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    Backpack Delphin Area CARPER Carpath

    Delphin AREA Carper is a very practical fishing backpack made of clever design. Angler can put all the necessary equipment and accessories into this backpack and then carry them even for several kilometers to his favorite hotspot. This backpack will let you do exactly the same. It has a padded back part with the Delphin logo on it, padded shoulder straps with a chest strap, and padded EVA foam handle. All these features are providing you maximum comfort.

    It was designed to achieve practicality, durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions. The backpack is fitted with a 6mm padding, for maximum protection of your equipment. This also makes the backpack extremely stable and keeps its shape. The entire bottom part of the backpack is fitted up to 5cm with reinforced, waterproof layer, allowing you to be placed on a wet surface. This makes the bottom part even more solid.

    On both sides, you will find spacious pockets. In the front, there is one smaller double pocket.The interior itself, is designed to be able to store other AREA bags. sCarper is equipped with quality zippers. The zipper pullers are fitted with a plastic drawstring, which makes them easy to open. This backpack comes in our unique brown CARPATH camouflage design consisting of carp shapes.

    Technical parameters:

    Backpack XL:
    Overall size including pockets WxHxD: 45x45x30cm
    Dimensions of the main part of the backpack WxHxD: 25x45x25cm
    Dimensions front pocket WxHxD: 20x15x4cm
    Side pocket size WxHxD: 20x38x7cm

    Backpack XXL:
    Overall size including pockets WxHxD: 50x55x35cm
    Dimensions of the main part of the backpack WxHxD: 30x55x30cm
    Dimensions front pocket WxHxD: 30x20x5cm
    Side pocket size WxHxD: 25x45x10cm

    Camouflage CARPATH is a unique and patented design pattern which combines camouflage visual make and carp shapes which together make camouflage design. This unique and irreproducible design is made completely by Delphin and pushes the borders of your fishing equipment to brand new dimension.

    Prices and variants

    Ordering nr. Product, size RRP
    101000888 Backpack Delphin Area CARPER Carpath XL
    66.99 €
    101000352 Backpack Delphin Area CARPER Carpath XXL
    79.99 €

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