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    Thermal bag with dining set Delphin Area FullCOOL + Carpath

    Delphin Area FullCOOL+ Carpath is a thermo bag also equipped with a dining set. It was designed for transporting of food that needs to be kept cool for as long as possible. The inside of the bag is equipped with a special thermal layer. The bag´s outer walls are polstered with 8mm thick padding, providing stability, even when it´s empty. This layer of polstering is also acting as an additional insulation and prolongs the time of keeping the food fresh. The thermal insulation layer has been designed to overlap the outer edge by 1cm and is sewn under the entire edge of the lid. This clever design is a significant solution that extends the period of keeping food fresh. If this insulation layer has not been sewn over the edge, the air flowing through the zipper, would access the compartment much quicker. The bag is also fitted with two net pockets found on both ends, providing additional storage space.

    There is a large pocket in the front, which holds a complete dining set for two person in one place. It contains two plates made of plastic, two knives, two forks, two spoons and two small dessert spoons. From now on, you can enjoy more comfort even when being outdoors with your wife or fishing partner!

    The FullCool+ bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap and there is also a padded handle for comfortable transport.

    Technical parameters:
    Size: 29cm x 29cm x 39cm
    Pocket size: 23cm x 4cm x 32cm
    Size of side net: 18cm x 23cm
    Plate diameter: 23cm
    Capacity: 32.5l

    Camouflage CARPATH is a unique and patented design pattern which combines camouflage visual make and carp shapes which together make camouflage design. This unique and irreproducible design is made completely by Delphin and pushes the borders of your fishing equipment to brand new dimension.

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    420230200 Thermal bag with dining set Delphin Area FullCOOL + Carpath
    39.90 €
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